Your Little One Is About To Have A Birthday!

4th Nov 2019

These five tips will help save your sanity and still have your child feeling happy and loved.

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.

Try not to over-stress about it. You want to let your child know that they’re special to you yet not the centre of the known universe. You know that happiness is a marginal utility? (fact). More of something doesn’t mean we are happier. That’s why a lot of lottery winners don’t register for sustained improved happiness – they revert to their set point within a year. Our inner wellbeing doesn’t come from one off events and stuff.

For children, self-worth is reinforced with the day to day things – how we talk to them, really listening, how we treat other people, how we treat ourselves and what we invest time and energy into. So, an absolutely fabulous party is a great endeavour yet keep it light and fun. There’s no such thing as perfect so take a load off and don’t sweat the small stuff.

2. Pick a theme early.

With your child, decide what theme to use early. This will make all the decisions after that one easier and more efficient. Fairies? Great! Go with that. All the other details will flow from that – the cake, the colour scheme, the games, the decorations, the favours, the invitations.

3. Set the time and date.

Once you have set the date you have a time-line to your intention. The universe will conspire to help you further with this in place. Check with other parents in your circle for conflicting plans so that parties don’t clash and aim to get the invitations out about 2 to 3 weeks ahead for the best results.

4. Use templated invitations

If I had a dollar … If calligraphy or graphic design is your go-to activity for relaxation and creative expression, then by all means create your own wonderful invitations. But if not, there are lots of beautiful ready-made and online invitations you can use.

With so much going on in our lives and the masses of advertising and social media we are exposed to, it can be easy to fall prey to unrealistic expectations of ourselves. Keep it simple and easy. You’ll have more fun on the day and your child won’t be picking up your nervous energy if you remember to be chill about it all.

5. Make a list.

Get it out of your head and on to paper (or a digital note). Just like they say to have a notebook by your bed so you can sleep instead of ruminating, create a list of what you need to organise. Once you see the scope of the project, it’s so much easier to tick each objective off. You might even delegate to one or two of the items to hubby or nanna or a friend.

With these five tips you’ll be a 90% there and your child’s party will be a memorable and effortless event. If you’re looking for an invite with a specific look and can’t find it, contact us directly and let us create one for you. We love to work on new designs and would welcome your ideas.