Trends in Decor for Children's Rooms

25th Sep 2019

Kid’s Bedrooms and Playrooms are really coming into their own. There are so many fabulous ideas for making your child’s space simply amazing!

Whatever your budget, it’s so easy to create a theme that your child will love – although do remember to include your child’s preferences in the process.

If you don’t have a handyman to help build a replica of the Titanic, for example, use the colour palette of said scene and enhance it with wall prints, bedding, books and toys within the scheme. Naturally, keeping the wall colours versatile is least risky and most adaptable to change. If you’re keen and committed a ceiling or walls can be turned into a night sky, a circus tent, a jungle, a garden or any other indoor or outdoor background to a theme.

Many trends in décor for children follow grown-up interiors trends. At the moment we are seeing lots of natural colours being used more. Organic ecru’s and leafy greens, coastal teals and blues and warm palettes of oranges, yellows and browns of various tones. Themes of sustainability infiltrate kids’ décor via natural materials, less clutter and hand-craftsmanship. This is why we see lots of rattan and cane, timber, cottons and furs. Even Moroccan Handira’s, Bone Inlay, beautiful rugs, Leather Poufs and other enduring pieces are included in children’s rooms – they may be a little more expensive at the outset yet they’re durable and timeless in design. They are also adaptable to their age and can be re-configured for a whole new fresh look again and again.

Themed rooms are definitely on trend. Tropical and Jungle rooms, Forest animals, and both organised and romantic florals are delightfully creative. Boho Chic mountains, arrows and feathers are still fashionable. Swans, deer, and unicorns never seem to fade. Rainbows have been a big hit in 2019 and we predict more weather elements will be popular going forward. Sunny suns, fluffy clouds and balloons will provide an avenue for the yellows,blues and greys that are in the 2020 colour trends. Horse and hound patterns and sci-fi are other coming themes and would be fun to play with.

Book and picture ledges, beds turned into indoor cubbies, actual tents or canopies of any kind and wall scenes are big in kids’">décor. As is texture. Textured rugs, garlands, throws and cushions take a child’s room from looking plain to fab. Co-ordinated prints, display toys and bedding are a must for any 2020 child’s room. These elements can take absolutely any theme you can think of and make it a modern and stylish room.

Your child wants to be a fireman? Great! Red and white are the obvious colours to use. A book ledge and toys featuring Firemen and Fire Trucks, a bright quilt cover and black and yellow cushions and voila! A quick browse on Google Images or Pinterest will give you inspiring DIY projects to build if you want to go the extra mile and blow your little boy’s mind with delight.

Rainbows have been a big hit in 2019 and we predict more weather elements will be popular going forward. Sunny suns, fluffy clouds and raindrops will provide an avenue for the mustards and ….. 

Whatever theme you settle on, if you can’t find prints to suit, contact us directly at Toucan and we will create something especially for you. We love to help and to inspire little hearts and minds.

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